Films began by pushing the boundaries of silence and their technology. Now, we’re entering the age of new cinema while also harking back to the silent era that started everything. At the Vertical Cinema by OPPO Reno, you have the opportunity to capture the world in vertical format and witness your silent story unfold with live musicians scoring it on the spot.


You can submit your short film if you meet the following criteria: a Filipino filmmaker/artist, 18 years old and above.


Finding solid grounding is only the beginning. The world will always continue to move around you. So, you have the choice to let it pass you or to chase it. Capture it. Share it with everyone. Show how you perceive the world and redefine how people move with it. Movement is experience. It's growth. It's life.

Send us your short films and studies on the notion of movement.

New and original works for this category are highly encouraged but should you wish to re-edit an existing work for this category, the film should have been made after January 1, 2019. If you have already made a vertical film before, that entry must not have PREMIERED BEFORE JANUARY 1, 2019. This includes thesis films and class projects that have been screened in schools.

Short films must be under 6 MINUTES, inclusive of the opening and closing credits.

Video files must be in vertical format: 1080 x 1920 / 9:16. Can be 10-bit pro-res or .mp4.

Shooting with OPPO phones are highly encouraged but you may also use other devices/cameras for this category.

Music, literature, and artworks used in any entry must be original, licensed, or in the public domain.

Once you have been selected as a finalist, you must agree that .giff and OPPO can use the video clips of your video for the promotion of the festival.

Rights to the film will remain with the filmmaker.

The best 12 works will be exhibited at the Vertical Cinema by OPPO Reno event on November 16 and will be live scored by exciting musical acts.

The best work will also take home Php 50,000.00.

Deadline of submission is EXTENDED until OCTOBER 31, 2019.



Interpretation of Theme (30)
The film showcases a compelling story or concept and was able to interpret the theme well.

Execution (50)
The film is delivered with clear and effective storytelling or message and is made with different elements of filmmaking in mind (cinematography, production design,acting).

Vertical Format (20)
The film maximizes the vertical format to push the concept forward.