DEKADENZ is a party of synthetic rhythm, metalic beats, and primitive electronics, where people look for bands and DJs experimenting their music under the dark side of mirror ball. The club night have featured raising local musicians like Sunmantra, A Fine Tuning Creation, Dully The Hands, and also International acts like Berlin base DJs, Dreems & Thomas Von Party of Multi Culti, to Lithuania’s best, Manfredas from Les Disques de la Mort label. The Jakarta based night runs by Jonathan Kusuma, Aditya Permana and Ridwan Susanto since 2016. Each members of the collective have been DJing and promoting party over a decade, playing club not club music and charging as underdog in the scene.

More behind on the collective, Jonathan Kusuma is a producer who has been releasing music on Correspondant, Coctail d’Amour, Ene Records, Power Station, Rotten City and also I’m a Cliche. His single “Automatone” from the 2016 “Black Magic” EP, has gained international attention and headlining gigs at Panorama Bar (Berlin), Moog (Barcelona), Lux Fragil (Lisbon), Opium (Vilnius), and Oath (Tokyo).

Aditya Permana started as studio musician for Future 10 Music, his work lead him to co-found Agrikulture, putting him as songwriter, producer, and drummer. He is now the music director for Syah Establishment group which runs Bauhaus 1933, Cafe Lulu, Lucy In The Sky, The Gunawarman and Hotel Monopoli

Hailing from San Francisco, Ridwan Susanto has been involved in promoting labels and basement parties for Sunshine Jones of Dubtribe in the early 2000. He is also a bass player and part of Ben Cook’s Nu 4 U EP on Grayhound Recordings, DJ Garth of Wicked crew label. Which later led him to manage Electrogusto Music, with releases from the local talents like Masonic Noodles, David Harness, Stranger & Capt. Delicious