DEORBIT (2013)

Deorbit is an observation mission with a mind of its own. It too is a rebellious entity – with a mission to reconstruct knowledge retrieved from space-objects orbiting planets in faraway systems. If we imagine Icarus, let us picture him with a camera, his lens scanning the universe, the most immeasurable depths of space, its outer edges visible only as pixels and black RGB values. The information he sends back comes in tiny packages, bits of data. These compressed images are sucked into the black hole of film, devoured by the universe of grain, and burned onto the celluloid surface. The scanned and observed universe is restructured into a new cosmos in the machine.

Our cosmos is made of the collisions between the two extremes – immeasurably macro and micro. Deorbit is a journey that starts at one end, in the vast darkness of the outer rim of space, and passes over the Earthʼs oceans, mountain ranges, and deserts, and ends at the other, smashing into the atoms of the celluloid grain itself. It is a transfer from analogue to digital and back again, from massive to subatomic and beyond.

Takashi Makino (b. 1978 ) is a Tokyo-based experimental filmmaker widely considered to be one of the most influential Japanese moving-image artists of his generation. His unique working process usually involves capturing representational footage of humans, nature, and urban life in various formats and then transforming these images radically during the editing stage.

Catch the screening of DEORBIT on November 30, Saturday at 6:00 PM in the Illumination (Main) Hall. see schedules and venues.

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    Annie explores the chaos of the cityʼs infrastructure by using moving images that create spaces of contemplation, with linescapes, kaleidoscapes, and soundscapes. She is a graphic designer teaching visual communication at the UP College of Fine Arts, and writes and illustrates childrenʼs picture books. Annie is one half of the multimedia duo A+B+.


    A multi-instrumentalist who plays East Asian traditional instruments and modern instruments. He believes in what Gustav Mahler said that tradition is the spreading of fire rather than veneration of ashes. Baile is taking Creative in Performing Musical Arts Major in Asian Music at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. He is part of a traditional asian music orchestra known as U.P. Tugtugang Musika Asyatika (UP Tugma) and etc.



    Fernandez’s eclectic compositions challenge the traditional definitions of high culture and fine art through juxtaposition of religious iconography with pop imagery, children’s drawings, tattoo motives and cut outs from adult magazine. A recipient of numerous awards and fellowship grants and exhibited his works at prestigious events and venues in between.

    He is also known for his ongoing street art project called Garapata.


    Jorge Juan B. Wieneke (AKA similarobjects) is an electronic music educator and producer from Metro Manila, Philippines. Seeking to aurally express the junction of technology, video games, and art by utilizing the theoretical frameworks of polystylism, spirituality, and esoterics, Jorge reaches into the depths of the modern-day with older, almost forgotten cultural lenses. Creating balanced soundscapes that fluctuate between our day’s chaos and the distant, hypnotic cries of nature, similarobjects is a constant effort to unite the now with an imagined spiritual past.



    MVLTIVERSE (est. 2014m Manila, PH) is an experimental digital art project by Derek Tumala & Clarissa Gonzalez focusing to create new approach on forms of the moving image through live performances, coding, new media & electronics, light, installation, parties and collaborations. Working with a diverse set allows Mvltiverse to explore on what the moving image can be and expand its definition from the rectangular screen.

    Current Members: Derek Tumala, Clarissa Gonzalez, Karl Angay


    Big Hat Gang is an electronic music producer whose live performances use synth modules to stream cyclical rhythms inspired by the electronica, synthwave, and minimal genres – “5” (2016) and “How I Am At Home” (2017) are first releases that exhibit an affinity towards such.

    He continues to work on live sets by performing in venues and events such as XX_XX (Elephant Party), Limbo & Tod4y X Future (BLITZ). The recently released “Sp4cer” (2019), under Offshore Music, is a tribute to the “spacey” rock/disco genres.



    Sublingua, Submachines is a sound/video experimental laboratory of artists Ivan and Pauline Despi. Pauline synthesizes percussive and industrial sounds into her animation to create her brand of uniquely narrative fiction, and has collaborated with fellow visual artists, musicians, dancers, and sound artist in various improvised live performances and exhibits. Ivan Despi is an illustrator, designer & animator who, along with his wife Pauline, runs The Acid House–an artist collective involved in design & animation. He has made music videos for UpDharma Down, Radioactive Sago Project and live visuals for DJ Bassnectar.


    Manila-based duo Tarsius, composed of Diego Mapa (Pedicab, Eggboy) on sampler and Jay Gapasin (Kapitan Kulam, Radioactive Sago Project) on drums, combines electronic music and live instrumentation to produce dance tracks influenced by hip hop, big beat, house, jungle, psych and indie dance.

    Tarsius has graced international shows and festivals such as Intastella Burst presents Numberline Records (Hong Kong, 2012), Clockenflap (Hong Kong, 2012), Mai Asia Festival (Japan, 2015), Wonderfruit (Thailand, 2015), More Rice Presents: No Rice No Life Tour (Thailand), and Malasimbo Festival (Philippines, 2015).



    Timmy Harn lives in Manila, Philippines, his works consist mostly of film and moving image and have been screened and exhibited in various parts of the world in film festivals and art institutions such as Qcinema International Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, and in Palais de Tokyo.


    Auspicious Family is an aural & visual collagist who explores abstract concepts in music through an approach both vicarious and subversive. His work primarily incorporates sampling, analog electronics and a plethora of sound design techniques, and he has performed alongside longtime influences and fellow Filipino artists, Caliph8 and Malek Lopez